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Hi all former Nth School class pupils. Lots of pictures in menu pages above. Still looking to track some class mates like Robert Zimmerman, James Sweetzer and Jeff Antcliff.  Sadly Piri is no longer with us.  Some whom have changed their emails need to update addresses with me.      Garry Clark


The reunion was held Easter 9 - 11 April  2004 to celebrate the Nth School’s 50 years

Class of 1954 50 years on

First year pupils of Nth School 1954  Std 2   50 years on

L - R  Back Row: 

 John Batchelor, Piri Heremaia (Mrs Smith), Janice Whiley (Mrs Williams), Adrianne Rogers (Mrs Drake), Robert Krivan, Trevor Knight, Murray Moxham, 

Front Row:  Alison Weaver (Mrs Booth), Elizabeth Orbell, Diane Hopkins (Mrs Fenwick), Peter Kempton, Garry Clark

First year pupils of Nth School 1954  Std 2   50 years on

Back: L-R  Garry, Alison, Peter, Trevor, Evelyn, Mr Drake, Diane, Mr Smith, Elizabeth Front:  Gloria Clark, Jan Kempton, Adrianne, Janice, Piri

1956 Teacher Sydney Hinde with Alison, Garry, Peter and Adrianne.  Sydney passed away on the 16th April 2004.

 Adrianne, Janice and Piri

 Adrianne, Janice and Piri

Alison with Gloria Clark

Alison Booth [Weaver]  with Gloria Clark

Updated:27 April, 2019

 Janice, Adrianne,  Piri, Dianne & Liz examine old school photos

 Trevor & Evelyn Knight

 Trevor & Evelyn Knight

 Dianne and Alison